Wales man is victim to shark attack

By Esztella Papp

Australia is an exotic wonderland for many people who choose to visit with a wide range of beaches to desert like areas. Many people have also called it a deadly paradise because it holds the most dangerous animals to exist.

On Wednesday February 16th, 2022, a new south Wales man had sadly been a new victim of a vicious animal attack. Emergency services were called to little bay in Malabar on the coast of Sydney at 16:30 local time (5:30pm GMT). It was a sunny day, and as usual dozens went down to little bay to enjoy the sun, to swim, paddle board and some to fish near the rocks. Until they heard a loud scream, and to what some witnesses said looked like a car that landed in the water. As the new south Wales man who hasn’t been named yet got attack by a shark. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it due to the extent he was attacked. He tragically died at the scene. It has been said that its Sydney’s first fatal shark attack since 1963.
Drumlines, another word for shark bait has been set out near the attack site. As well as drones patrolling the near by areas in hopes of not finding the shark nearby. Authorities have ordered everyone to stay out of the water although some crazy surfers still risk their life regardless of this tragic event.

The attack happened a few weeks before a massive charity swim event called the Murray Rose Malabar magic ocean swim. Which happens annually in Malabar. The event is usually attended by thousands of people but now is under monitoring to whether the event on March 6 is held or not.

A new south Wales spokesperson for the department of primary industries has said that their shark biologists have examined the situation and say that the malicious creature had to have been at least 9.8 feet in length.

Residence from Malabar and neighboring areas are all waiting eagerly on when it is safe to go for a swim again with their loved ones in the summer heat. Hoping that this isn’t the beginning of a new series of shark attacks. Authorities said to stay updated on when it will be safe again.