Why does Russia want Ukraine so badly?

By Haitham Khayyat

Tensions are high and nations are at the ready for an impending invasion from Russia. But why does Russia want Ukraine so badly? And why is Russia trying to push back NATO?  

It’s quite simple, really. Ukraine has access to the black sea and Russia is in need of quick access to the Mediterranean Sea. Today, the only place Russia could deploy any type of navel action would be in the north (however most of the time the docks would be frozen stopping any type of action). And the far east has the problem of being too distant from the capital and most of the populace – making it extremely useless and time consuming just to send a fleet to the other side of the world – this would take weeks and cause unnecessary problems for the frontlines. 

The NATO and Russia situation is one that goes back 80 years. To when NATO emerged for the reason of defending themselves from the Soviet Union, who in response created the Warsaw pact. A pact that had the same concept as NATO but to defend themselves from western attackers.  

Russia is against NATO’s advances further into the east, because to them, NATO is just an alliance of nations who are ready to attack their country at any time.