Kenyan political uncertainty

By Fred Omenya

Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed the opposition leader for the upcoming presidential election

 The future of politics in Kenya seems uncertain after the sitting President, Uhuru Kenyatta endorsed the opposition leader Raila Odinga during the meeting that was held in Sagana, Nyeri county on Wednesday 23rd, February 2022. 

He said: “Let us meet mashinani and unite Kenya. We are not leaving here to fight anyone; we are at peace. And I ask you, let us support that Mzee (Raila) and push him (back him)”. 

 “Even this, my young man, when he gets back on track, we will give him (the seat) later. I don’t have any problem. I have not denied anyone, but for now, let’s focus.” He added. 

 The deputy President William Ruto and his supporters consider this as a betrayal following the president’s promise in 2013 that he will be supporting his deputy for the president. 

 “You should not be duped to vote for someone who can’t deliver on promises. He betrayed Mudavadi and Wetang’ula and we can’t trust him with our future,” Ruto said during a rally at Sagana. 

 “Uhuru should know that we once tried to market his friend Raila and Kenyans rejected him and even in August, Kenyans won’t vote him,” Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi added. 

 Who will Kenyans trust with their votes?. The race seems very competitive and the winner will only be determined on 9th August 2022 when Kenyans will finally come out in their large numbers to elect their president.