Desert to Oasis: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s transformation from desert to oasis

By Haitham Khayyat

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the hotspot for leisure and religion, with beautiful seas and sand dunes to the holy mosques in Mecca and Madinah the only thing left is modernisation.

In the last 30 years or so Saudi Arabia has begun a huge transformation to be more modern and sustainable for the future with the “2030 Vision”. A vision to make a greener Saudi Arabia by making more sustainable housings, greener parks and more uniformed stores. Moreover, the holy mosque in Mecca has been modified to hold more people who wish to pray. With almost 2M people coming just for Hajj per year you could see why they would need to expand it to hold such a huge capacity of people.

With how the Kingdom is looking so far 8 years before the goal of 2030 things are looking promising with more to come and many things yet to be announced.