School students ambivalent about strikes

Reporters from asked school students what they thought about teachers going on strike. This is what the students said

Fernando Allen-Mena, a sixth-form student from Colchester, said: “I don’t really get the point of teachers striking. I think they’re just doing it because the NHS and postal workers are doing it. They’re just doing it because they can. I have done all of my exams already so it hasn’t really affected me. But I have sympathy for friends who’ll miss out on important topics, which will mean that they might get a lower grade. I think that’s unfair.”

Ben Waddington, a sixth-form student from Brentwood, said: “My lessons have all been cancelled for the day. I have to stay home and work, which is obviously not as good as being at school. Having interaction with the teacher is always better for my learning. The teachers have a right to strike but it has disrupted my classes.”