Man Pleads Guilty to Causing Grievous Bodily Harm

By April Norris

Frederico Andrade-Dos Santos, 21, sentenced to 26 months in prison after admitting causing grievous bodily harm without intent. 

 He punched a man after chuckling at his friend’s ridicule of him. 

Ipswich Crown Court has heard the attack which happened at Vineyard Street, Colchester, 8th of January 2021. 

CCTV footage played shows the victim, an army engineer, walking alone in the street, wobbly on his feet and drunk. 

A group of young men came around the corner and one began to sneer at the engineer, putting a phone torch in his face, whilst another man struck  him. 

The mockery turned violent, with Andrade-Dos Santos shoving the engineer to the floor with one punch. The group left abruptly leaving him unconscious. His brain was found to have undergone a bleed and his skull fractured. 

Luckily the man didn’t need further surgery and his injuries healed on their own. However, the victim suffered continued blood clots to his ears which had to be removed. 

Sadly, his recovery has massively impacted upon his ability to work. 

The army engineer said he struggles to sleep and has nightmares. As well as anxiety at work. He no longer feels joy for anything. Although he will undergo speech and memory therapy to help improve his behaviour and personality changes. 

He has been regarded medically undeployable by the army, and the DVLA refuses to return his HGV licence. 

Andrade Dos-Santos holds no previous convictions, is childish and was planning on studying business studies at university. He pleaded guilty at the earliest chance he got. 

Andrade-Dos Santos and his friends randomly came across the victim, and they had only been joking and not intended any sort of violence. 

He did nothing encouraging the mockery. He merely walked at the front of the group with his head faced downwards and his hands placed in his pockets.