Paddy the Horse is Now Safe From Maldon Barn Fire

By April Norris

Yesterday evening, a barn in Little Totham, northwest of Maldon, containing 50 tonnes of straw burst into flames.

Paddy the thirteen-year-old horse had got his leg stuck in-between the metal bars and a dividing stable overnight.

Firefighters from Maldon and Chelmsford’s dedicated Animal Rescue Unit ran alongside the vet who carefully released Paddy’s leg.

Martin Cable, the Watch Manager at Maldon Fire Station, said: “I’d like to thank the crews who were here this morning for the way they handled this incident with such care and professionalism… Incidents involving animals can sometimes be really challenging, but with the support of the vet and owners, we were glad to help get Paddy back on his feet.”

All six horses are now in safety after the incident. Due to the location being so remote, the counties fire service brought in a water bowser to combat the fire in the barn.

A spokesperson from Essex fire and Rescue has said: “On arrival, crews confirmed that the barn was around fifty percent alight. The barn, which measures approximately forty metres by twenty metres, contained roughly fifty tonnes of baled straw as well as agricultural machinery… Due to the amount of straw and materials inside the premises, we expect this to be a protracted incident and crews expect to be at the scene for some time.”

The team managed to prevent the fire spreading to near by stables and so luckily the horses have been able to safely be led out of the area unharmed.