University`s apology to professor over trans-rights cancellation

By Teo Coroiu

The Vice Chancellor apologised to students and to Professor Jo Phoenix whose seminar was cancelled after people considered her a “transphobe”. 

In December 2019, Prof Jo Phoenix was talking at the University of Essex about “trans rights, imprisonment, and the criminal justice system.”   Continue reading “University`s apology to professor over trans-rights cancellation”

COVID-19 impact on University`s finances

By Teo Coroiu

Student`s Union got hold of student fees data from the Finance team after asking the University in early January.  

The main impact on the University`s finances, in academic year 2019-2020 was the loss of £8.1m of income from Campus Services with £6.7m accounting for students, being released from their accommodation licenses as they returned home to study online.   Continue reading “COVID-19 impact on University`s finances”

Leadership Race: Nominations are open!

By Teo Coroiu  

Every student on campus has the chance to be part of the Student Community Officers and among the Parliament Representatives by nominating themselves for one of the positions.  

Each campus has their own Parliament. They meet once a month as a collective, and then break into their individual campus meetings.   Continue reading “Leadership Race: Nominations are open!”