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A Review of a Mercury Theatre Production: The Comedy of Errors

Photographed by Pamela Raith
Ryan McBryde’s modern enactment of William Shakespeare’s renowned play “The Comedy of Errors” debuted in celebration of the Mercury Theatre’s 50th anniversary. Set in Hotel Ephesus, a location inspired by the quintessential films The Great Gatsby and The Grand Budapest Hotel, it is safe to say James Button’s deluxe costume and set designs accurately reflect the glitz and the glamour of the 1920s.

The plot follows two sets of long lost twins. The servant pair, employed individually by the other divided duo, are played by real-life twins Danielle and Nichole Bird. Their accomplished slapstick skills and synchronicity meant whenever they were in the spotlight; the audience erupted into hysterics; they could not have been better suited. Daniel Burke and Mike Slader play the servants’ masters’ also known as the other pair. Throughout the play, there is an air of enormous confusion amongst the characters as the classic case of mistaken identity unfolds.

Various other main cast members, including Jessica Dives, Michael Lambourne, Rosalinda Ford and Lucy Keirl, played multiple characters and displayed their expertise through quick and efficient switching from role to role.

Aaliyah Zhané is also an honourable mention; she made her first professional appearance in the play and is one to watch for her incredible vocals, and elegant 1920s twist on current club classics such as Florence and the Machines’, You’ve Got the Love.

The amalgamation of the actors’ chemistry, luxurious set and attentive audience made it a night to remember, and it was no wonder the end of the comedy received a well-deserved standing ovation.

If you are amused and intrigued by modern stamps on Shakespearean plays, this is an absolute MUST WATCH for you!!!

Head to the theatre’s website,, to purchase tickets to the play and other upcoming shows at the Mercury Theatre.

Written by Sinnéad Jackson-Brett

Nigeria ends ban on Twitter

After seven months of banning Twitter, the Nigerian government has decided to accept Twitter’s request to register in Nigeria and pay local taxes.  

 Nigeria suspended Twitter in summer 2021 after the social media firm deleted a tweet made by President Muhammadu Buhari, who accused Twitter of siding with secessionists.  

Although the government insisted that Twitter was banned, many Nigerians accessed Twitter using private networks such as VPN. The government had commanded internet providers to block Twitter as it was said that it was being used to sabotage “Nigeria’s corporate existence” through the spreading of false accusations that could have potentially caused violence.  

The Nigerian government have imposed that Twitter act with a respectful acknowledgement of Nigerian laws, communicate with government officials to manage content that doesn’t comply with Twitters community rules.