Pop-art mural comes to Colchester

By Rita Flores

Mural artist Dan Kitchener has taken part in the Colchester Pop-art project with a temporary artwork in St Nicholas Square, available to view from today until the end of April.

Some sharp-eyed locals even managed to see the artist, who has worked with top stars such as Kylie Minogue and Miley Cyrus, working incognito at the site over the weekend. Continue reading “Pop-art mural comes to Colchester”

University of Essex finds the most boring person

By Natalie Hensel

Research by the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex has determined various features and habits which make a person boring.

Dr Wijand Van Tilburg, who specialized in psychological factors of boredom, conducted a five-part study to find out whether stereotypes and occupations influence people as being perceived as “boring”. 

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