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Demi Lovato’s troubles laid bare

By Lily Morris

Singer Demi Lovato opens up about her drug addiction and near-death experience in new documentary, Dancing with the Devil.

The official trailer for Demi Lovato’s upcoming documentary was released last week, amassing 8 million views within a week. The documentary, which is a four-part YouTube original, will go into detail about the traumas of 2018, in which the singer suffered a life-threatening heart attack and three strokes following a drug overdose. Continue reading Demi Lovato’s troubles laid bare

Tweets attack pregnant TikToker Laverne

By Lily Morris

Internet personality Zoe Laverne Pemberton is trending on Twitter as users slam her over grooming accusations following the news of her first pregnancy.

Internet users have taken to Twitter to express both concern and disdain after 19-year-old TikTok star Zoe Laverne declared on her Instagram that she is expecting her first child with 20-year-old boyfriend Dawson Day. Continue reading Tweets attack pregnant TikToker Laverne

Ardaiz releases war novel

By April Norris

James A Ardaiz has released his new historical novel Tears of Honor, focused on Japanese-American soldiers who fought the Nazis in Europe while their families were imprisoned in America.

A former judge, Ardaiz’s previous books include true crime account Hands Through Stone and mystery novels Fractured Justice and Shades of Truth. Ardaiz spent five years researching before writing Tears of Honor, interviewing Colonel Young-Oak Kim to gain first-hand accounts of his experiences. Continue reading Ardaiz releases war novel

Silver State Film Festival set to return this year   

By April Norris

The annual independent Silver State Film Festival will come to Las Vegas this September, after being forced to take place entirely online last year due to coronavirus restrictions. The festival will take place at the cinema Century Orleans 18 and XD as well as the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Festival creators Jon Gursha and Peter Greene forecast that COVID-19 restrictions on socialising and traveling will have improved enough by September to allow both filmmakers and the public to experience the festival in full. Continue reading Silver State Film Festival set to return this year   

Christina Jones announces debut album

By April Norris

Singer Christina Jones is set to release her debut album You Were My Compass in collaboration with composer and lyricist Kimiko Ishizaka. The album is currently available for pre-order and is expected to be released on 18 June.

Preordering Jones’ album gives listeners immediate access to her first single What Love Means to Me, a romanticised ballad which explores the singer’s battle with her own thoughts and self-harm in her pursuit of love. Jones provides a unique style as she incorporates varied genres drawing on her synesthesia and perfect pitch. Continue reading Christina Jones announces debut album