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Student union organises Lunar New Year festivites

By Rita Flores

To celebrate the Lunar New Year 2021 the University of Essex Students Union, in partnership with other societies, organised a week full of activities including quizzes and gifts.

“It was fantastic last year, our society held the Chinese New Year Gala at Ivor Crewe hall and it had a huge audience, even the council leaders and the vice-chancellor of University came. There were dancers, magicians from the UK’s Got Talent and a huge firework show,” said Tom, the president of The Chinese Students and Scholar Association (CSSA). Continue reading Student union organises Lunar New Year festivites

University societies challenged by covid-19

By Rita Flores

University of Essex societies are having difficulties to keep their promises to their members due to the restrictions of covid-19, which makes possible just having online meetings.

The Irish society promised their members to provide a space for students to create more friends and a range of social events, starting with cooking and finishing with sports and folklore activities, but those events are only happening online. Continue reading University societies challenged by covid-19

Romanian Society wins embassy prize

The University of Essex Romanian Society in pre-covid times

By Teo Coroiu

The vice-president of the university Romanian Society last week told his members he had “a lot of gratitude” after being awarded a prize by the Romanian embassy.

During the 2020 conference of Romanian Students, Professionals and Researchers in Great Britain, the League of Romanian Students from Aboard rewarded students from the whole country for five categories: undergraduate student, graduate student, research, Romanian community and student associations. Continue reading Romanian Society wins embassy prize