Fab Four delayed 50th anniversary bust-up treats

By Tom Cawthorne

Fans of the Beatles can look forward to new content, including remixes of old songs, set for release this year despite some delays in production.

Last year saw the 50th anniversary for many dates in the history of the Beatles and their members. 1970 was the year of the legendary band’s official end, due to business issues and tension behind the scenes. Their time together was short, but remembered fondly by fans and the remaining members still today. Now, fans can look forward to new content arriving soon, despite delays. Continue reading “Fab Four delayed 50th anniversary bust-up treats”

2021: The year for big comeback game releases?

By Georgia Stroud

As the gaming phenomenon has grown over the last year, there have been many successful game launches and ones that we thought should have been left to bake a bit longer. Here is a list created of the most anticipated games that decided 2021 would be the year for comeback releases.

Last year marked the beginning of a global pandemic, with staying at home becoming an important instruction in an attempt to get back to normal. As a result, people had much more time on their hands, forcing them to pick up new hobbies, one of which was gaming. Continue reading “2021: The year for big comeback game releases?”

Queen’s catering assistant jailed for theft

JAILED: former Buckingham Palace servant Adamo Canto

By Thomas Marks

A Buckingham Palace catering assistant has been jailed after trying to sell stollen possessions of the royal family on eBay including signed pictures, photo albums and medals.

Adamo Canto, 37, from Scarborough, North Yorkshire had stolen a large amount of memorabilia from private collections in the palace as well as expensive items from the gift shops. Police said the array of items he had stolen were worth between £10,000 and £100,000, including a photo album of containing pictures of the visit of President Donald Trump. Continue reading “Queen’s catering assistant jailed for theft”

Disney explodes the Star Wars universe

By Lily Morris

Disney has announced a list of at least 18 upcoming Star Wars projects in the next few years on streaming service Disney+, following the success of hit series The Mandalorian.

Over the past month, Disney has delighted sci-fi fans everywhere with the confirmation of at least 18 upcoming Star Wars projects. The company, which currently stands as fourth largest movie producer in the world, announced 52 new upcoming projects at its Disney Investor Day on 10 December 2020, and several more in the weeks following. Continue reading “Disney explodes the Star Wars universe”

Covid brings biggest economic slowdown in 100 years

By Thomas Marks

The coronavirus has had an impact on every economic sector in every country around the world on an almost unimaginable scale. 

There is expected to be a fall of 9.5% in the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP), making it the worst UK recession since the post-first world war slump between 1920 and 1926, where there was an estimated 25% drop for two years. In the second economic quarter of 2020 UK GDP fell by 20% in a matter of months rather than years.  Continue reading “Covid brings biggest economic slowdown in 100 years”