Students get help with online socialising

By Evelina Mezzennaja

A new app and two weeks of online events that are not on Zoom have been launched by the University of Essex Student Union in its “Let’s connect” package.

The new app, Umii, allows students to find new friends according to their interests and the course they are studying. The app searches for matches and offers a list of people you can message. Continue reading Students get help with online socialising

Ardaiz releases war novel

By April Norris

James A Ardaiz has released his new historical novel Tears of Honor, focused on Japanese-American soldiers who fought the Nazis in Europe while their families were imprisoned in America.

A former judge, Ardaiz’s previous books include true crime account Hands Through Stone and mystery novels Fractured Justice and Shades of Truth. Ardaiz spent five years researching before writing Tears of Honor, interviewing Colonel Young-Oak Kim to gain first-hand accounts of his experiences. Continue reading Ardaiz releases war novel

Silver State Film Festival set to return this year   

By April Norris

The annual independent Silver State Film Festival will come to Las Vegas this September, after being forced to take place entirely online last year due to coronavirus restrictions. The festival will take place at the cinema Century Orleans 18 and XD as well as the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Festival creators Jon Gursha and Peter Greene forecast that COVID-19 restrictions on socialising and traveling will have improved enough by September to allow both filmmakers and the public to experience the festival in full. Continue reading Silver State Film Festival set to return this year   

Battle begins for student union

By Teo Coroiu

The nominations for the University of Essex Student’s Union executive election started on 8 February, giving two weeks opportunity for every student to apply for one of the leading positions. 

Every year on 7 March, students are elected by the student body to represent them for a year. They pause their studies, take a “sabbatical”, and work full time the whole year to make student`s voices to be heard. Continue reading Battle begins for student union

Spreading the word in the Fens

By Kotryna Visockyte

A woman from a Fenland village has launched a “walking library”, hiding books in various outdoor locations for people to find and read.

Asta Siskiene started the Walsoken Walking Library last year with her two daughters in their village, which is just outside Wisbech. “We bought bags, cleaned the books to make them covid-19 secure, put books in the bags, and scattred them through the village,” she said. “The project was born from love for books and desire to help others.” Continue reading Spreading the word in the Fens

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