Year 2 students

HIMASHI ABEYRATHNA born in 2000 and growing up in South London. She also grew up interested in crime and the justice system. She said “there’s something about crime that I find interesting, like how did someone get from point A to the crime. Most of the time, it’s all about the little details that most don’t really see at first, that’s why having a journal with criminology degree can open doors for me to become a detective journalist.”

FAHIMA AKTAR, born in East London, was raised in Essex. She has a strong passion for researching and is interested in finding out new information on various topics. She said: “finding out new things is the best way to improve yourself, knowing something new just changes your mindset on life”.

LUCY BENNETT is from South-east London and aspires to be a journalist covering news stories on her interests of crime and other important issues surrounding our world today. She says “Journalism would take me to different parts of the city of London where I plan on one day working in, and pursuing a career which alters every day”.

TEO COROIU was born in a small village in Romania. Due to her passion for writing, reading, and speaking, she decided to change her whole life coming to study BA Journalism and Literature at Essex. She says: “I wasn`t sure what I want to be just because I was most of the time involved in different activities until I find out that being a journalist will be the perfect package to define me.” Follow her journey on her website at

NATALIE HENSEL was born and raised in Germany and came to England for an Academic Gap Year after her A-levels. She says: “Journalism combines all aspects of life, giving you a freedom no other profession can offer you. Whether it is international news, arts, fashion or travelling, journalism is everywhere.” Her website is

SINNEAD JACKSON-BRETT is from London and has wanted to pursue a journalistic career for as long as she can remember. As an avid listener of radio and podcasts, she intends to delve into the realms of broadcast journalism. Her website is

EXAUCEE-LEAH KAYENGA is a 19 year old British Congolese University of Essex undergraduate multimedIa journalist student, born and raised in Camden Town in London, United Kingdom. Growing up in a multicultural city, she viewed the world as her own dreams. At a young age, Exaucee-Lèah had an interest in the spotlight, she involved herself in many activities that required her voice to be heard. From being a school ambassador in her primary school, to becoming a dance teacher in secondary school with her close friend to help the younger students to now having her own personal Tumblr blog and Youtube to interact with others in fashion, beauty and boosting self-confidence.

CESAR KIERZKOWSKI was born in a big city where people are running through life. Living in this kind of environment caused him to chase after his dreams and not accepting the word “no”. “Life is too short to stay in one place and wondering “how would it be if…”, he said. “Here and now is all it matters. Make a change.” Here is his website link:

HANA KOCITA is originally from Bratislava, Slovakia. She says: “My biggest passions are music, video editing and a bit of politics. I hope to be lucky enough to do the things I love as my future job.”

FRANCIS KUSI-YEBOAH was born in Brent, North West London, in 2000 but is originally from South London. He’s interested in sports, taking part and watching it live on TV, reading playing his games consoles. Francis attended Harris Academy Battersea & completed there until year 11. He then joined Richmond Upon Thames College for three years and studied Media Studies which he has a big passion for.  Currently he is studying Journalism & Criminology at the University Of Essex where he will have to complete three years to gain his graduation. He quoted “ I intent to finish University with a good qualification & find a well paid job I’ll enjoy”. His website is

MUNA MAHADI is from Co.Cork in Ireland. She has an interest in International news and investigative documentaries. She always wanted to be a journalist and would love to travel around the world reporting important news coverage. She says : “ I love learning about Journalism with Human Rights, it would be a dream to pursue a journalism career with my degree.” Her website is

NATHAN MAKIESE was born in 2002 in south London. He did his A-levels in French, Sociology and Religious Education. He has a very keen interest in sports journalism as it is something he has a strong opinion on which includes sports such as football and basketball. You can find his work at

THOMAS MARKS was born in Essex and lives in the small village of Langford and studied at the Plume Academy and then the sixth form there completing Geography, English Language and Product Design. He is currently studying multi-media journalism and human rights with a year abroad, hoping to study for a year in New Zealand. Although he has played football and competed regionally for Chelmsford Athletics club in track events, he would like to write for the BBC news website about global affairs about the environment and human issues.

RITA FLORES was born in Portugal and grew up in a small seaside town, that’s why she is a calm and passionate person. She loves fashion, modelling and photography. But her real passion is travelling and discover the world, she says: ” I hope I can include my interests into my career and in a few years I would be able to work in magazine journalism and maybe writing about my trips or doing broadcasting journalism .”

EVELINA MEZENNAJA was born in the town on the coast of the Baltic sea in Latvia in 2000. She was organizing events at college, was a part of the literature club and always has been keen on reading and writing. She said: “My life goal is to connect my journalism career with travelling and write more soft news and entertaining features”. Her website is:

ANCA MIRON  is an 18-year-old journalism student born in south east Romania who has an eye for critical journalism and an evergrowing passion for it. She says:”Being mindful about things that are happening in my community and across enriches me and gives me purpose.”

GRETA MIZERE was born in 2001 in Hungary and was raised in the east Midlands. She studies Journalism with modern languages and is an aspiring broadcast or investigative journalist. She says: “I hope to one day work as a TV broadcast Journalist or become an investigative journalist so I can write on the subject of things I am passionate about”. Her website is

LILY MORRIS was born in Romford and grew up in Maldon. She’s interested in reporting entertainment news, international and current affairs. She has an interest in investigative documentaries, and would like to explore feature writing, internet content and radio in her career. Her other interests include fiction, science and technology, environmental issues, politics and human rights. Her website is

ELLIE NELSON was born in the seaside town of Eastbourne.  She is studying Journalism and Politics and says: “I love writing, and I chose to study Journalism for that reason. I decided to join it with Politics because I find learning about it so interesting.” In her spare time she enjoys music and visiting the Eastbourne beaches.

MOLLY RENNIE was born in a small town on the Kent coast in 2001. In her spare time she enjoys walking her dogs and reading. She spent 2 years living in Greece with her triplet sisters and has a particular interest in travel but with the pandemic she is finding this hard. She says: “I don’t know where my future in journalism will go but I can’t wait to travel and explore all opportunities.” Her website is:

KOTRYNA VISOCKYTE was born and raised in small town in Lithuania. After turning 19 she decided to look for happiness in a foreign country and moved to England. She is currently studying Multimedia Journalism. ,,I love journalism, the process of writing a story makes me feel alive” says Kotryna. You can find some of her work at

BETHANY WEBB is 20 years old and grew up in Maldon, Essex. She is interested in writing articles for websites, magazines and newspapers and would love a career in  PR or entertainment journalism, whether it’s written or live on the radio. She has written articles before for the Heybridge and Maldon life and enjoyed the first hand experience this gave her but is also always thinking of the next way to make her articles fun and interesting. Her website is

LAUREN WILES from Romford, Essex is a Filipino-British aspiring Journalist who is interested in international news, music, arts and more. “Journalism blends my two passions together: photography and writing. I’d love to dive into the deep end and try all mediums from writing articles and news stories to radio and podcasts.”