Sudan’s leadership appears to be in limbo after military take over

By Fred Omenya 

Sudan appears to be in an uncertain future with leadership issues arised, following the coup which took place on 25th October 2021, already  claiming a total of seventy nine deaths and the country facing international isolation. 

 The UN’s attempt to solve this crisis has not been welcomed by the Sudanese pro-military demonstrators who claimed that they don’t want external intervention on matters affecting their country. 

 Different people have appeared to offer their suggestions on how to solve this crisis, among them being Stephanie Khoury, UNITAMS director of political directors who said, our role at this stage of consultations for a political process for Sudan is to hear Sudanese stakeholders; ensure we actively listen to their views, document their visions & suggestions.” 

On the other hand, the Egyptian President has dismissed the claims that he is supporting Sudan’s head of military and he only advised them to dialogue and make the country move. 

 “Just because we have not issued any public statements does not mean that we are aligned to this side or the other side,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the World Youth Forum being held in Sharm el-Sheikh. 

 Sudan still remains in an unpredictable future of leadership with different opinions still flowing from different individuals on how this crisis can come to an end to allow Sudan to grow economically.